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<Nostalgia> Guild Rules by Primula


- Don't join a dungeon if you're not committed to seeing it through, unless you are upfront that you only have a limited amount of time.
- Common sense and politeness applies.
- Don't go afk without saying, don't click on items you don't know the function off, ask when in doubt and apologize if you screw up etc.


- If you sign up to the raid, show up on time! or message an officer if you are going to be late.
- Aim to have full enchants on epic quality gear.
- Be prepared! Bring the best buff food, health/mana pots, flasks/potions etc.


- Kill the alliance scum
- No dishonorable kills

- Discord/Guild Chat

- English only in guild chat and discord.
- Treat other with the same respect that you would like to receive.
- Just be nice is a core quality here, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome to join in guildchat. Jokes and friendly banter is fine, abuse and namecalling is not. We may give warnings or eventually kick if this causes a problem.
- Please refrain from discussing politics, wars and religion in guild chat.
- If you for any reasons want to leave the guild just say your goodbyes, in guild chat or w an officer, and we will wish you good luck in your further adventures.

- In-game General Chat/Dungeons

- In public chat channels or dungeons/bg's with pugs, do not type anything offensive to other players (regardless of if they deserve it) or jokes that will trigger, reputations are important in classic, we want to publicly appear like any other guild, and keep our humor internal to the guild


- If your account is inactive in guild (offline) for more than 6 weeks we are likely to remove you from guild. If this happened and you log back in, your welcome to ask for a re-invite. This applies to alt characters too, as we keep increasing numbers and will reach cap if we don't kick inactive.
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