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#14288000 Jan 15, 2020 at 08:42 AM
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Nostalgia is a growing social guild with a core of vanilla veterans who are planning to start raiding all classic content. We welcome all friendly players and their alts of any level to join us, and will be recruiting specifically for our raid team shortly. The guild was created on launch, and at New Year 2020 is counting around 800 members on 550+ accounts. We usually have 20-40 players online during day hours and 50-70 online in the evenings. Players of all levels are helping each other out in various ways and joining dungeons together and getting the best from the Classic WoW experience.
Our guild was originally founded by a group of friends from UK, who planned and started recruiting months ahead of launch, meeting on discord. I joined with them too and stated my interest in taking part in social management and was soon after launch promoted to recruitment officer. In October our former GM and several level 60s opted to leave Nostalgia to join another guild for raiding, and I was given the guild as GM and have been bolstering our ranks ever since, building the active, nice guild I was hoping to have since the start. Thank you all who are joining actively with all You have to offer, and help us make Nostalgia just what we want it to be!
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