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Raid times are friday + sunday 20.30-22.30 server time.

Nostalgia is first and most a social, friendly, casual guild with room for nice players of all levels. We will however take raiding seriously and have a core of experienced vanilla veterans interested in taking part in this. Because we have limited time to play, we want to make our raids count; so commiting to being a raider is also a commitment to the rest of your raid team not to be waisting their time. We only raid 2 x 2 hours pr week, but we will get the most of it if by following these rules:

- Raiders are expected to be available for most raid nights. Inactivity will cause you to be demoted to member after 2 weeks (unless otherwise agreed)
- Invites start at 20.15, we expect everyone to be online and outside the raid entrance by then. We will enter and buff as soon as invites are done, so we can start at 20.30
- If you signed up and are late or not able to make it you need to pm an officer on discord. RL shit happens, but we need to know so you can be replaced if needed.

Be Prepared:
- Make sure your best gear is enchanted, be repaired, bring relevant consumables and your best game!
- If your'e a buffing class you are expected to help your fellow mages/priests/druids make sure that all raiders at all times are fully buffed. After wipe - if someone died - if buffs expired: you buff! Don't wait till we tell you.
- If you can dispell curses/magic/poison/disease etc. make sure you are doing so when required, fast and without being told. Have Decursive or similar addon installed and updated.
- DPS'ers must watch their threat and never take aggro from tanks during fights. It is essential that you learn how to manage threat while performing your best.
- Make sure you know the basic tactics for the current content, read guides, watch videos before raid start.

- Raiders can not get saved with any other groups for the content we are currently raiding. If you were not able to join our raids on a given week you are free to join any pugs after sunday night.
- While this does not apply to social members and alts, it would be a big help for us, specially in early phase of starting our raidteam, if you could be available to help your guild if needed and not getting saved before sunday night.

We are currently working on selecting a fair loot system for our raids and will update shortly.
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