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Primula / Feb 08, 2020

Endemonadia has accepted to be Raid Leader in Nostalgia, and we are going to try a new approach for now - we will not be using signups, instead raid times will be announced ahead and anyone online at invite start will have a chance to join. Raid w...

Primula / Feb 03, 2020

We are preparing to proceed with our raids in MC, so please sign up for this week and check our Raid Roster here: you are on it please tick relevant boxes etc, If you want to be on it let me ...

Primula / Jan 31, 2020

Due to missing signups for tonights raid we have chosen to cancel the raid. If we have enough people signed up by sunday we will proceed, otherwise we will postpone for next week. I have updated this post with some thoughts in explanation of our d...

Primula / Jan 22, 2020

Published our raid roster on forum - all aspiring raiders please check your'e on our list and update your info, thankyou!

Primula / Jan 11, 2020

Welcome to Nostalgias new website, which is still under construction.When you registre please create your active characters under your account that you will use when signing up for events in our calandar.